Mary Had A Sythian Lamb Picture


In April 6th, 2009, a mythological comedy series, HIAS: MYTH OF THE MIRTH was created until it ended in February 18, 2011, due to concerns with the main character being too much like my inflated egotism. To prevent this, I had to stop drawing it! However, in spite this ended, JUST RECENTLY, I got my interest back when I check this Cryptid Wiki which features lots of other monsters! Once I have read more, my mythological and folkloric interest returns. I regret to say and do this new route, but I think you will no longer see this series the same way! Who knows! I might make cameos!

So what this new series is mostly like a comedy sketch series that will feature jokes or maybe so stories in use of these abnormal figures and other monsters! With a hint of influence from Seth MacFarlane’s FAMILY GUY (possibly), I will be able to come up jokes with it! So, ladies and gentlemen, after two years of such hiatus, I give you the NEW and IMPROVED series, simply….


The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary (also nicknamed The Sythian Lamb and the Borometz, Borametz, Barametz, or Barometz) is a fine specimen of a cryptid of Central Asia.

When I read this, the first thing that popped out was that popular Nursery Rhyme that I’m pretty sure you folks know: MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB!

So I decided to draw this and write under the format of this Nursery Rhyme! I tried my best to keep the writing under the same rhythm of the verses.

Note that the last line is supposed to mean, “Does it make you wonder what would Mary do with an odd creature like that?”. Kind of like how she would take care of this creature.

Because of that umbilical cord, according to what it was depicted, I thought it would be able to live on if its cord is planted into a plant pot. That way, it can go anywhere it wants, especially on feeding more grass to live.

Isn’t this a cute one?

Myth of the Mirth ®
Myth of the Mirth ™
Art and cartoon © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

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