Eve Sketch Picture

So, i've been doing that 10 Free Sketches thing, and here's scarletxcrush (at LiveJournal)'s request, a BBW Eve!

She didn't turn out as well as i'd hoped. In my mind Eve comes through as a really soft woman for some reason, but i can never seem to get her the way i want her. In fact, i'm haunted by the face, which reminds me too much of Heather Mills-McCartney (sans the McCartney, of course).
And her face is supposed to be more smirking rather than having a "wtf? expression ... but since i did the round cheek, i figured i'd add the bite-mark to the apple and make her look like she's eating it.
I'm not very happy with this one, and i feel like i may need to do Eve again. Maybe i've finally found a theme for CometHime's request ... (Eve and Lillith?)

Eve and the Snake, from the classic Hebrew creation myth, likely taken from the origin stories of earlier-existing religions in the area, and renamed, like nearly all aspects of Hebrew and Christian mythology.
(They were the "rappers" of religions, stealing the ideas and work of other artists to promote themselves.)
We know they edited out the Lilith parts of the story, and the snake used to represent an evil river god that caused floods in Babylonian myth.
Hebrews changed the relationship so that every evil person or action was actually a tool under the orders of their single god, making their god the only one responsible for every evil in this universe. The character of Satan was only added to the myth when Jesus was added. Seems people can change their gods personality any time they want, like when they realize how obviously evil he is, and still call themselves worshippers.
{: o/
Originally he was part of a split pantheon that included a Leader god, a Love goddess, and god of war (which was the god "El," who eventually evolved into "Yahweh" when the War worshippers broke off and formed Judaism).

[link] - My second attempt at Eve
[link] - My Best Eve

But anyway. Isn't it creepy how much she looks like Heather Mills, though?
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