Dr. Dogan D. Armando Picture

Dr. Armando, Keenly Observing a Clockwork tool.

A Genius of countless Technologies and Machinery across the Worlds and Empires, Proud member of the Tenebrean Regulated Caceian Empire, High level weapons Designer of the Tenebrean Empire, and High ranking Engineer in the Triage Directive Project.

Dogan is one of the leading Minds in mechanical engineering and Technology in the Imperium of Tenebrae, Ranking up alongside such figures as Dr. Triage, Kroft, and LinkserHein, as well as countless other Scientists and engineers. "Who will not be named." in developing the technology and Bio-Tech of the empire.
As a member of the Caceian Empire, A Race of Humans and Various other Species that are naturally Tech savy. within the Empire of Tenebrae members of this smaller empire have formed the Faction known as the Gear-Casters. of which Dogan is a member of.
Dogan has made huge advancements within the wake of Recent wars that the empire of the Imperium has found themselves drawn into. Utilizing Technology Drawn from other empires. Although Him and LinkserHein have hinted Darker Secrets that They've been keeping under wraps.

Like Yoseph, Dogan has been Seen to be dedicating large portions of his time in the Triage Directive Project. The Function and goal of which remains a mystery. Although Certain Eldrich Rumors have begun to spread about its function and purpose.
Fringe science, and Mythology apparently being high objects of interest and focus within it.

Armando's Versus Energy type is [X]- Amber - Valor, Guiding wisdom

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