Character Design: Loki Picture

Another Favorite, this is the mad trickster god Loki! This was a redesign of the Marvel Comics character Loki. (which I claim no ownership to, by the way) It was a blast to figure out ever little eccentricity to this guy, from how he casts his runic magic to what he would look like. Interestingly, I actually modeled him after myself to a great extent, from body type to stance, down to the hair even!

There were actually 5 different images including this one that went together as a set. Of those, only this one and the sheet detailing Loki's means of transportation are what I would consider quality work. I need to play around with weapon studies and landscapes a bit more.

If you get interested, I fully promote researching the character of Loki, whether it be in comics or mythology as the design on whole is based on his history, such as his lupine eyes being a subtle nod to Loki's parentage of the great wolf Fenrir.
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