Nuckelavee - contest entry Picture

It's amazing, really, what Metallica will make your mind conjure up when you listen to it so much. Oh well, they're awesome anyway.
This is my entry for a contest currently being hosted by ~scythemantis. Contestants must submit a deviation of "Nuckelavee," a monster from Scottish mythology. See his journal on the contest for further info. [link]

I really like how this came out. Particularly because I'm not exactly the kind of person who is phenomenal at horses, yet the horse's head came out almost exactly the shape I wanted it to. Also, the muscle structure on the humanoid figure on its backside is something I'm pretty proud of as well.
Before this contest, I never realized I posessed such talent.
Also, please read his article on this beast. [link]

media used: mechanical pencil
duration: one week
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