Sugaar Picture

This is my entry for *IzaPug 's contest about creatures of almost forgotten mythologies! I think I won't win any pot with this, but it was fun to draw^^ I've tried to draw fire. What do you think? And I'm always open for constructive critique~

This is Sugaar, a god of the Basque Mythology (The Basque region is located in Spain).

Sugaar was said to be the god of thunder and storms, a main figure of the Basque mythology, appearing as a large fireball in the sky. He's either a dragon, or a snake (I mixed both), and the consort/mate of Mari. He's father of Mikelatz (a bad weather spirit) and Atarrabi (a good weather spirit).
With Mari together he generates storms.

"The name Suga(a)r is derived from suge (serpent) and -ar (male), thus "male serpent".[1] The suggestions of a formation based on su (fire) and gar (flame), thus yielding "flame of fire" are considered folk etymology.[1]

Sugoi, another name of the same deity, has two possible interpretations, either a suge + o[h]i (former, "old serpent") or su + goi ("high fire").[citation needed] There is no likely etymology for the third name of this god, Maju." - citate from

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