Weapon Collection - Kusanagi Picture

Name: Kusanagi
Wielder: Misaki Yosuke ('Kohryu')
Type: Dagger/Long Sword
Material: Adamant Alloy/Light
Additional properties:
- Additional handle segment to allow one or two-handed use
- Light weight
- Can cut through most objects when used in its true form.
- True form can only be wielded by Kohryu


I decided that since I haven't been drawing, I'd swing back to another medium I used to use and render some weapons. Since you've all seen Kei's and Kenji's weapons before...I figured I'd slip over to the others. Specifically, the one I've always wanted to see, the Kusanagi.

I designed the Kusanagi based on the fact that Kohryu translates to Gold Dragon...a japanese man with a love for mythology and a master of blades. Instead of giving him an actual longsword though, I decided I'd put his light to good use. Thus, the dagger that transforms into a longsword.
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