The Exile-Asgeir Picture

Omg…yes. Finally a refined piece of artwork!

Asgeir belongs to my Vetrnaetr series, a story about a variety of events that happen on Alfheim (one of the nine worlds in Norse mythology).

Asgeir is the son of the cursed warlord, Koli. His father is known for genocide and tearing lands apart and Asgeir…is…..well, he’s the complete opposite of his father.

He is blind but can see magic and spirits, this leads him to practice necromancy. He ends up exiled due to an accident with a spell that ends up with his brother, the crowned prince, possessed by a wight and driven mad.

During his exile he meets up with the broken tribe of wereravens who were the victims of his father’s genocide. He finds a father figure in their leader, Brokk, after proving his good intentions.

As the years go by and he continues to live in the wild with the tribe he becomes more “wild”, as expressed by his clothing..err….what clothing he does wear.

He’s still a character who is under construction but he’s quickly becoming my “baby”. He’s the one who broke my art slump after all.
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