RPG Challenge Day 3: Companion 1 (Odessa Smithy) Picture

Here's the third drawing for the RPG challenge, the first companion Zow the Technorogue gets in his party. It's the warrior princess Odessa of Carthage.

Odessa is said to be one of the greatest fighters in the realm. It is said that there are few that can stand up to her blades and magic. She's as strong as she is beautiful, and has seldom lost a duel against anyone or anything. She's silent in battle, and doesn't even scream when she gets hurt, which strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare challenge her. But under all this murder is a woman so shy that she cannot speak her own mind without an interpreter by her side. She speaks in such a soft hush that no one can really listen without leaning closer to her to get a better reading. And all that does is make her talk even more softly. Her shyness makes her a rather elusive public figure, even being elevated to mythological legend status in some cases, since most outside of her court and the battlefield ever hear or see her. It's gonna take some doing to bring her out of her armored shell. It may even be harder than beating her in combat.

(Fun fact, she loves having attention given to her feet. Good luck getting her to admit to that or to show them though.
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