A map (sketch) Picture

Studying is annoying. Especially because I loose concentration all the time because I'm always thinking about stuff to draw or stories when I really can't use them...

But these last days I've had this idea about a new story in a fictive world with people, mythological creatures and (extinct) animals. It's just a bunch of ideas at the moment, but I'm trying to figure things out and get to create some characters and things that will fill the storyline.

One thing though sort of turned out into a drawing already and that's a sketch of this world. It's not much, just the lands and some mountain regions and forests that'll be important I think.
Also there are a lot of notes (a lot are already cropped out of the picture) but most are in Dutch so that's not really helpfull...

Anyway, I have ideas and stuff. With some luck I have something soon so I can write already something to get it all started.
But first finish me last exam Wednesday and finish assignments -.-
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