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Name: Malancoly
Nickname: Maly, Maliboo/Malibu, Midget Bunny, Faildess (fail+goddess), Pink Fluff, Annoying Little Pink Shit
Age: Unknown
Species: Rabbit Deity
Gender: Female
Height: 148 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Hair color: Light pink with darker pink underneath
Eye color:
Sky blue
Birthplace: Kythira, Greece
Birthday: Unknown
Zodiac Sign: Unknown
Current Residence:
In the Dollhouse
Nationality: Greek
Occupation: “Time Goddess” (it’s actually a lie)
Orientation: Lesbian
Status: Likes Malidys (character belongs to Keycchan

Known relatives: Claims to be a distant relative of Chronos, but in reality she’s not
Friends: Faustus, Lina and Luna (when they are not annoying her), Valentino (somewhat), Luxembria
Enemies: Mary, Thursday (she’s only an annoying Mythology nerd)

Likes: Cute girls, Maids and maid outfits, Cakes and any kinds of sweets, Not doing anything, Sculptures (mainly the ones that portray her), Paintings (mainly the ones that portray her… again), Poetry (the ones she can actually understand… which is pretty much only the erotic ones, and of course the ones that are written for her)
Dislikes: Witches, Mythology enthusiasts who can’t shut up and ask her questions about the other Gods, Her lack of ability at being a good god, The lack of worship that she gets these days, Being made fun of or being teased, Her height, That her chest is smaller than her rivals, Spicy foods

Favorite Food: Strawberry shortcake
Favorite Drink:
Milkshake, Tea
Favorite Colors:
Personal items: Chronos’ hourglass (uses it to control and stop time with it), Golden axe
Extra: She claims to be a God of Time, but in truth she just stole that title from Chronos, along with his hourglass, she’s actually the God of Sweets. Stealing the hourglass was also the reason why she fled to Rome from Greece and met Faustus. Her servants are currently unaware of the fact that she’s not the God she claims to be. Even though she has a cute appearance, she’s actually a horribly disgusting and lazy person with a foul mouth. If it weren’t for Faust she would only bathe and change her clothes once a month… or maybe once a year. The wings on her head are only accessories, but the ones on her back are real. Her hair and her eyebrows are naturally like that. Her name is very similar to the word melancholy, it probably has something to do with the fact that she eates more sweets when she’s depressed.

Face features and body build: Round-ish face, long eyelashes, flat nose, rabbit teeth. Very short, somewhat pear-like figure, average chest (which she thinks are small), slightly bigger hips, short arms and legs. Soft hands and small fingernails (which are naturally light pink).
Fur markings:
Tattoos: None.
Scars: None.
Piercings: None.
Voice: Not decided.

- Controlling time (She can only do that with the help of her Hourglass.)
- Flying

- Her height (It sometimes can be an advantage though.)
- Weak in physical fights (If her axe was taken away from her in a fight she would hardly be able to defend herself… that’s what you get for being a lazy douche.)
- Very slow and quickly runs out of stamina

Theme Song: Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds

Background pattern from here: link

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