Niobe Picture

Watercolor on paper, 60x50cm-

One of the most tragic figures in Greek mythology is the Queen Niobe.
Niobe was a great source of pride. It was not her beauty, although beautiful, nor the ability of her husband, or his kingdom nor their possessions. He had seven sons and seven daughters, all very beautiful, and they based all their happiness. She could have lived a long life of happiness, but his words of pride brought misery to his house.
On one occasion when celebrating the rites of worship for Latona and her two sons, the gods Apollo and Artemis, Niobe Queen told the people around her:

-What nonsense is the worship beings that can not be seen, rather than pay homage to those before your eyes. Why worship Latona and not me? My father was Tantalus, who sat at the table of the gods. My husband built this city and the rules. Why prefer Latona? I am seven times happier with my fourteen children, as she has only two. Cancel this useless ceremony.

The people of Thebes obeyed, and rituals were incomplete. But Latona had heard the words of Niobe.

Hidden by clouds the two gods set foot on the towers of Thebes. Front of the city were celebrated athletic games, sons of Niobe and Amphion participated in them. Apollo took his bow and arrows, and one by one killed all of them.

Niobe arrived at the camp where were the bodies of his sons. Around her were his daughters, who shared her pain. But one by one, they were also falling lifeless by darts thrown by Artemis.

Embracing the smallest, while the other lay on his side, Niobe cried - Gods, let me at least! -But it was useless

Niobe wandered with her ​​daughter's body up to the mountain Sípilo. She could not go further, because your pain is not allowed to move. It was transformed in stone.
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