Daily Sketch 09-12-2013: Sothis Orrion Picture

So my inumimi fantroll has a name now. This is Sothis Orrion and he snipes.

I still don't know a lot about him, to be perfectly honest. But I can tell you where his name came from. Sothis is a star considered very important by the Egyptians, except that's the Greek name. Egyptians called it Sopdet. We know it as Sirius, and it's located in the Canis Majoris constellation, or the Great Dog. The Great Dog follows Orion, a hunter from Greek Mythology with a bunch of random inconsistent stories. Sopdet was associated with foretelling doom and epidemics. I figured this fit in with Sothis being a Seer of Doom, which I actually came up with before naming him.

Essentially, I figured he'd use his knowledge of Doom to avert catastrophe and so on for his team. But he'd also use it in order to see how to bring about the doom of others, so it plays into his sniping. It would also allow him to pinpoint weaknesses and to use that knowledge to his own and his team's advantage. He's also a got a psychic gift for tracking, so there's that.

His trolltag is leadenMindset and here's his quirk.

he talks in lowerrcase and double2 all "R"'2 8ecau2e he grrowls when he talks. also he rreplace2 "z" and anything that sound2 like it with "2", and he rreplaces "B" with "8" 8ecau2e 82 is the atomic num8err of lead.

And you know, bullets are made of lead. His quirk is kind of hard to write, but I'll get used to it.

Once I sit down and do a fully fleshed-out drawing of him, I'll post the bio up.

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