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..... what? .... so I'm impatient for a game ..... whaaaaaat-?

Yes, I'm waiting for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2. For some reason i like the change in play-style from the norm that is the average pokemon game... i liked Red Resque Team (admittedly I didn't actually buy it), so I'm looking forward to a version thats more explorer oriented, like what i like doing in any game xD

This time my made-up pokemon is completely custom.. nothing to do with my fascination for Eevee-lutions... they they may have inspired the design a bit, heheh. I named it Arailen, cross between Arlyurl and Raiden... you know, the lightning guy from MortalKombat... come on, who doesn't know him?

anyways, I would like to include some PoKe info for her x3


#??? Arailen
Cloud Pokemon
Electric/Dragon Type
Ability: Volt Absorb
Gender Ratio: Female 100%
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 72 lbs
Said to protect the weak, it hops from cloud to cloud over the regions. It dislikes especially clear days. The ring hovering over its body channels powerful electricity by spinning its two halves. The rings hanging from its ears and forelegs draw in static energy from the clouds to recover its stamina.
Base Stats:
HP 130
ATK 70
DEF 90
SpATK 170
SpDEF 90
SPD 130


this is also the debut of my watermark. the boss has been onto us about not '
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