Ganesha Picture

Lord Ganesha or Ganesh, May 2012

Open assignment for Illustration. Children's book illustration that would act as an introduction to the different deities of various worldwide religions, with a sister book depicting figures from different cultural mythologies.

I'm not a religious or spiritual person, but I grew up surrounded by the deities and symbols of various belief systems, and kind of needed that comfort from childhood at one point during this semester. When I was a kid, my mother and I had spent about a week in an ashram, and got to know about both Hinduism and Buddhism; a few images of Hindu gods came home with us, and they've stayed with me ever since. Ganesha in particular has always been a favorite, and being the Remover of Obstacles, it felt right at the time.

I know it's probably not 100% accurate, so I apologize to anyone who might take offense. It wasn't meant to insult or harm.

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