Guardian angel Picture

Archangels Gabriel and Raphael, respectively, based on a RP. Gauntlet design by ~kishokahime, sword by moi.

I've got the origonal of this up in scraps, as I did some fiddling with it in Photoshop (smart blurr most noticably to smooth the marker out), but I'm not sure how much it helps or hinders the picture as a whole so I put both versions up. This is closer to being "done," however, in my opinion so here it goes.

The story, as it goes in the RP, in which we admittedly twist classic mythology to our supreme and moddly will, was that Raphael was presented as a child to Gabriel, who took a liking to the little healer-in-training. Gabe took Raph under his wing (litterally and figuratively), teaching him how to use a sword as Raph rose in rank towards his future position as The Third. In turn, Raph more or less softened Gabe's edges. Gabriel sees himself as Raphael's protector, whether or not Raphael even believes he needs or wants one, hense the picture.
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