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A bright, curious soul, Trysten is fascinated with nearly everything he faces, and he loves puzzling out riddles and myths and life. The only trouble is... he's not too good at it all, and he usually ends up confusing himself terribly, even though he remembers everything as he found it. He's not too good at grasping theory or abstractedness, and sometimes his confusion leaves him so downhearted he can do little but return to his dwelling, disillusioned, and help out around the herd... until a new day comes and he figures, what is life if you don't keep trying?

His herd
The stars
The Sunrise
The tall grass that grows in the shade next to rivers and streams (yummm)
The little beautiful things all around, there for you to see if you just look

Being called silly, a space-case or an airhead
Being unable to puzzle out the mysteries he discovers
When people ask him what he's reading (he gets embarrassed and flustered)
Sunny summer days when he gets heat stroke
Plants with lots of silica (ick it's like eating a brush!)
Pounded pine needle cakes (common winter fare, sadly)

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There are some creatures in this world that are simply baffling and this little kirin knows of one that is very strange. However, he can't remember the name of this animal. In order to claim him, you must name the animal and where it is from. (ie. Movie, Book series, etc.) Below is a hint to give you an idea. I will add more as needed.

-They love over ripe apples.
-This animal is fictitious so think along the lines of mythology or just made up.
-They have three legs.

You may guess multiple times and, as I said, I will continue to provide hints if no one gets it right away. You must wait an hour after your first guess to try again.

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