Zeta and Epsilon Picture

I did not color Sailor Epsilon clothes becuase I did not know what color they wore. I figured they would have blonde hair like Phi and Chi.

Info taken from The Oracle:
Zeta and Epsilon are the two villains that appear in manga Volume 10, ChibiUsa's Picture Diary #2. A strange cloaked figure has been selling special Sailor Moon watches, and Mamoru buys one for ChibiUsa for her birthday (30 June). Later, on 07 July, the day of the Tanabata festival, the watch opens, puts the young girls who own watches into a trance, and tells them to go to Ichinohashi Park. ChibiUsa falls into a trance as well, but Diana comes to the rescue and bites her to revive her. They promptly head to the park to investigate, where they see the mysterious cloaked figure with two women, Zeta and Epsilon. They are surrounded by young girls, and the cloaked figure tells them that don't need men to survive - that women can live without men. ChibiUsa quickly transforms into Sailor ChibiMoon and tells them that they are wrong - that women cannot reproduce without men, and that they cannot survive alone. The cloaked figure then removes her cloak and pronounces that she is Sailor Moon, and that what she said is true, because she is a friend of girls. Sailor ChibiMoon protests, saying that she cannot possibly be Sailor Moon, because Sailor Moon doesn't have such fat legs. The fake Sailor Moon then falls to the ground, her sailor suit turning into a kimono. She reveals that she is actually Vega, the weaver, a mythological character who is part of the legend of the Tanabata festival. She says that since she sits alone all day and weaves, and can only see her husband once a year, her only pleasures are television and food. Because of this, she has gained weight. One year, her husband, Altair, saw her without make up. She has not seen him since, and she has become very depressed. Zeta and Epsilon took advantage of her, and told her that men only like young, pretty girls, and that men cannot be trusted. They tell Vega to continue weaving so that they can steal the energy of the young girls of Earth. Sailor ChibiMoon is outraged by their proclaimations, so she promptly destroys them with "Pink Sugar Heart Attack," causing all of the Sailor Moon watches to shatter.

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Year: 2007
Paper: Bienfang Sketch Book Professional Series 9" x 12"
Tools: Mechanical pencil, prismacolor fineliners and prismacolor markers
Sailor Moon ©Naoko Takeuchi
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