YCEC: Dark Vengeance Picture

Lineart: Kholran horseluver1912.deviantart.com/…
Design: TheLegendofthestone

Show Name: Dark Vengeance
Barn Name: Thanatos
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Stallion
Breed: American Warmblood
Personality: Stubborn, stern, blunt, bold
Rider: Undecided

Colors: Black
Markings: N/A
Highlights: Dark red
Scars, Hoof colors, Eye color, etc: Gray hooves, and darker blue-teal eyes

Family: Unknown
Crush/Love Interest: N/A
Mate: N/A
Rivals: Unknown
Best friends: Unknown

Others: Thanatos is named after the mythological figure Thanatos who was the personification of death.

Thanatos (C)- horseluver1912

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