The Varcolac Picture

This is my concept art for the Varcolac, a mythological creature that was some sort of vampire or goblin or werewolf (you know how there are always a thousand versions of every myth) that could devour the sun and the moon. In my scraps you can see the original sketches which this drawing was based on (which include different views of the beast and close ups on its body parts), which were too light and smudgy to be refined like this.

In Tremere's Saga, a story which figures into the same universe as Tyrantis's Saga, true vampires are born from the union of a human and demon or, much more rarely, a human and angel. Genetics tells us that if two demon-spawned vampires mated they'd have a 50% chance of creating another vampire, a 25% chance of creating a pure human, and a 25% of creating a pure demon. In my mythology, the Varcolac is the result of the last chance: a true demon born of two half breeds.

This Varcolac is the spawn of two vampires whose parent happens to be the king of hell, so needless to say he is powerful. He stands about 90 meters tall (about Tyrantis's size overall) and, amidst other demonic powers, creates a dark mist that blocks out the sun and covers the ground in green fog (thus "devouring" the sun as the myth states). This is good for vampires, but not so much for people. Also, his head can detach from his body (thus the little arms at his neck and the wings growing out of his skull, plus a tail growing from the back of his head that is not shown in this view). Just thought I'd let you know about that. And those spikes jutting out of his shoulder armor? Those are teeth and those gray pieces of armor are actually moving jaws. His chin is the top jaw to a third jaw that is also his neck, giving him four mouths in total. Creepy, no?

Now, all Varcolacs look different, but seeing as I only intend to use one in a story, this is the result. How he figures into the plot of Tremere's Saga will be a mystery to you, my viewers, for quite some time as I have yet to start on that piece (beyond brainstorming and the first five chapters of a really crappy rough draft), and the Varcolac is going to show up close to the very end.

Like all my drawings, this was hand drawn and then edited and colored in Adobe Photoshop.
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