Deirdeirlal the Timeless of Guilt Picture

Deirdeirlal's design has been in my head for MONTHS now.. I'm glad I finally got to put it down! I'm actually really pleased how this came out! Timeless takes place on earth across the whole world, and I felt that I was focusing too much on Western mythology, so I figured there had to be some kind of influence from places like India. uwu I took just bits and pieces of various Hindu mythology and color pallates and came up with this ... thing.


-From the back, Deirdeirlal has the appearance of an elephant's head, and the trunk is in fact a tail.
- The ears are not real ears but the skin secrets chemicals that become airborne and induce overwhemling feelings of guilt. Guilt is an extremely powerful emotion. In very small doses, it can be good for looking within oneself to become a better person, or to realize one's errors..... this was Deirdeirlal's original purpose. Now however, corrupted, it brings nothing but pain and motivation enough to cause things like religious fanaticism, or just incapacitate his enemies.
- Deirdeirlal is actually a hermaphrodite, but it doesn't seem to matter since they're the only one of its kind, and also a Finite.
- Given to lazing about in grand temples and palaces and being very self indulgent.
- Thinks manipulating humans is hilarious.
- has hand-like feet.

- Mycynth hates his guts but that's not surprising is it?
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