Translation Errors Picture

Mythology (according to my base-level research I.E. skimming the Wikipedia page) says Asrai speak inhuman languages. This started out for the base of some kind of Valentine's Day picture, but then spent 3 hours alone playing Dead Space 2 on Valentine's Day so I figured I would just keep the mood going. Then I turned it into this a day later.

Man, screw Valentine's Day. Just another way moral anchors keep you buying greeting cards because it's been made the norm.

Halmark has it made.

Besides, I'm no romantic. The last thing I want to do is have a character be defined as someone with a crush on someone else.

I wonder if it's breaking character to have a silent character talk...I dunno. Maybe. I'll just keep Aisling silent because she can only speak her ancient dialect.

I did have a lot of fun drawing the faux symbols
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