Addie Picture



.:『Addison " Addie" Burwick 』:.

♥ 17

♥ ♀

♥ Junior

♥ Non yer business!

♥ Five foot; two inches

.:『Bossy, Determined, and Rule Enforcer 』:.

♥ Centaurus

♥ Shetland Pony

♥ Roll House president

♥ Personality (paragraph form)

.:『Shut yer gob!』:.

╔ Likes(only five)
○Clover ~ Lazy - lil- Ninja
○Her job as Centaurus House president
○Yelling and scolding others
○Boots boots boots!
○Wrestling // Tackling people

╔ Dislikes (only five)
○ When people say they can't understand her because of her accent
○ When someone misses with Clover.
○ People pointing out her thick eyebrows or wide forehead
○ How people can always tell when she is embarrassed because her forehead gets really red.
○People who cant control their hormones

♥ Why am I at this school? ♥ (did your character get here through scholarships? to follow their family? because they could buy their way in?)
╔ Mostly it was from the encouraging of her close friend Clover. Addie parents made good money and when she mentioned that she wanted to go this school they happily figured things out to send her.╝

♥ History ♥ (paragraph form, at least three sentences.)
╔ (between these) ╝

╔ Extras
May have a weird friend crush on Clover.
○ She makes sure not to curse around teachers but normally she has a potty mouth.
○ Following stereotypes her family owns a pub which is where her mum, dad, and three of her brothers work.
○ Oh! Addie has five older brothers, all of them five foot; eleven or taller. They don't know what happened with her.
○ She is super big nerd when it comes to mythology for some reason it just seems to interest her. Probably because of all the violence ..

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