S.K.U.L.D. Picture

So with tomorrow being the last day of high school, I started setting goals for myself as an artist.

I want this to be my career because I want to do something that I love for a living. I've used school as an excuse for not pursuing projects, not that it wasn't true but there were times when I could have picked up a pencil.

One minor goal is to brush up my skills, I figured if I draw something at least once a night, this will help me. I'm talkin' practice with the tablet mainly...

So, I bring you this. I want to start work on a webcomic very soon. It's always been a dream of mine to have something to keep working on, something to update once a week or something like that.

My idea is going to be based around Norse mythology because it's even more interesting than Greek mythology in my opinion.

I've chosen Skuld; Norn and Valkyrie both as my main female character. The reason for the wolf ears is well, it is believed that the valkyries ride wolves (A way of explaining why wolves and ravens swarm the battlefields) but I kinda took my own twist on it and decided that wolves actually kinda represent the valkyries themselves.

I dunno, still working on the whole idea really. You should be seeing more of her and other characters very soon.
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