Loki Laufeyiarson Picture

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm back, well after 8 months!
It's a speedpainting, very paint, less speed, I had it completed in 5 hours....
Loki Laufeyiarson, the giant blood-brother of Odin (Not Thor, Marvel shame on you!) In all-I hope-his beauty!
He is holding a sprig of mistletoe, the only plant that swore to not kill the poor Balter.
Loki derived a arrow from the plant and gave it to the blind brother of the god, Hodor.
I hope to be able to reproduce him as faithfully as possible.

For the Lokeans community
"Finally I stopped having problems with him, and now I would say that I admire him a lot and I find him one of the best figures of the master teacher. This is how I see him".

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