Persephone 1 Picture

This was a project for my illustration class. We had to illustrate a mythical figure or creature; I chose Persephone of Greek legend. If you don't know the story, i'll give you the very simplified version: she was the daughter of Zeus and the goddess Demeter, goddess of the harvest (who were also brother and sister-lots of incest in greek mythology). She was kidnapped by Hades, god of the underworld, and forced to be his wife. However, Hades and Demeter reached an agreement; Persephone would live with demeter for two-thirds of the year, and with Hades for one-third of the year. During the one-third of the year when Persephone is away from her mother, Demeter will allow no crops to grow.

here we see a modernized, gothed-out Persephone, looking every bit the bored queen of hell. In the original sketch, there were lots of decomposing zombie hands around her, grabbing at her and scratching up the rocks, but a) I ran out of time to put those in the final version, and b)I thought they might have been kinda distracting. However, this is not the *final* final version, so I'll probably end up putting them in after all.

this started out as a sketch, which I scanned, and then painted in Photoshop CS2 using the mouse. I *have* a very nice graphics tablet, but when I plugged it into my new compy, it decided to do this weird reverse-axis thing, so whenever I move the pen up, the cursor moves to the left, and when I move the pen down, the cursor moves to the right, etc. I can probably fix it, but I haven't had time to mess around with it. So yeah, done entirely with the mouse. PLEASE let me know what you think; this is my first real entirely digital painting!
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