toku sprite - Thor (Lime Arms) Picture

ALRIGHTY, so a new Rider in the story. If you haven't read, learn how this shocking new debut turned out:

First off I need to give some shoutouts to BlackstoneDresden for multiple reasons, one being that he's quick to let me know if I have some grammar mistakes in the fanfic since I tend to write these late at night and mostly just check for spelling errors. XD But also, he's always jokingly asked for "Haku bros". Between the fanfic corrections and helping provide photos for the Fruit Rider News blog, I think he's earned that request, so it's become a reality. Although it may take some time to get the brothers to work together...

That being said I must also apologize to him because he had a PERFECT name for this. Going off of Sigurd's naming scheme, he suggested Haki, which is a Norse figure with a brother, so it seems perfect... but I had to unfortunately go in a different direction. A few reasons; For one, I thought having the similar names would be a bit confusing when they do eventually fight together, and in my case it could lead to some unfortunate typos and make this extra confusing.

The other reason is that Lime Arms is inherently inspired by Thor, so it also made sense to tie it all together in that way - the next chapter he'll be in will even make mention of it to give him his Rider name, since Thor is a well-known character. And lastly, I have a story reason for picking the name Thor, which if you know your mythology you will probably have an idea of why. Just don't be that guy who spoils it in the comments.

And that's it. Haku used Lime Arms in the Hyper Battle Video adaption since it's what Jiro would've transformed with if I made him a Rider, and now that dream has come true. Look forward to the road ahead for the guy who wanted to get involved with something he'll probably regret.
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