Celestial Beast, Gargoyles Picture

Considering a large amount of the critters Kirby battles against are called "demons", I figured what better Celestial Beast then one that was created to ward off demons to begin with?

Dr. Knarks' notes::

The Gargoyle has been known throughout mythology to strike fear into the hearts of demonic fell with a mere glance. A tough, stony skin protects against the vast majority of bites and claws many demon beast use. This stone-like skin also allows gargoyles to camouflage seamlessly in rocky environments. Gargoyles have also proven to be resistant to fire. There are many different kinds of gargoyles, some that look almost human at a first glance, and others that are more animal like. Most of these creatures have wings and can fly, though gargoyles lack the grace and acrobatics of other Celestial Beasts like Gryphons. In battle, Gargoyles tend to use their clawed hands, though have been known to bite or even use their tails.
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