Silthe - Concept Picture

Okay, so all of you probably are thinking "but...Silthe is human." from the first picture I drew and posted of her here ([link]) but she is far from it. She is actually a species of creature that can take on a human figure, but are more animal in appearance and took the form of gods to humans, earning sacrifices that they would consume the souls of in order to survive. Silthe is the image of Anubis, but her grey and red coloring filled in with age (as well as her breasts, that is why she is listed as a male god in mythology). Since Anubis is based off of an egyptian golden jackal, I did some studdies with the animal and filled in with her colors. Enjoy~

Character(s) - Silthe
Art - Myself
Media - GIMP & Fiber Castell Pens
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