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well i figured since i've improved A LOT more with basing/drawing period i should try and do something of Nikita {i've been having an itch to do her and Britannia anyway xD}. i hope you guys enjoy this because her shirt pissed me off so i half assed it even though i've been working on this cursed thing from 10 pm last night to 7 this morning T-T /oh and she most likely would've had a longer shirt but i wanted to try my hand at navel piercings :3/
Luckily i've finally made her ID -dies-

Name: Nikita Marie von Blanc
Meaning: Nikita: Victory of the people {referring to her ancestors of the French Revolution} Marie: Star of the sea (von literally means of); Blanc: White {so her name basically means Star victory of the people of white/the sea}
Nickname: Nike
Meaning: In Greek mythology she's the goddess of luck and was usually associated with Athena goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. In other words an association with luck and sports.
Age: 18 1/2
Residence: Canterbury, England
Birthday: June24th
Astrological sign: Cancer
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Sex: Female
Way of speaking: Loudly and optomistically
Marital status: Taken
Occupation: Professional singer
Theme song(s): Starry Eyed ~ Ellie Goulding and You Make Me Feel ~ Cobra Starship (feat. Sabi)
Birthplace: Kiev, Ukraine
Species: Nekomimi{cat demon}

Color: Chestnut brown
Length/Style: Has naturally wavy hair but straightens it on a regular basis{also has one natural streak of a lighter brown in her hair} . She typically wears it with the right side sweeped off her face and the left side dangling, it is to her hips when down.
Texture: She has fine hair but she has a lot of it so it's thick and heavy. It gets piecey if she doesn't wash it for a while or if she sweats a lot.

Color: Jade-olive green
Sight: 20/20

Height: 5'8
Weight: 119.5 lbs
Clothing style: Sexy/casual
Abnormalities: She's a serious pyromaniac and sometimes she gets nervous or antsy if she doesn't light something on fire for a while. She also has odd mood swings at random intervals.
Distinguishing marks (scars, etc): She's got a small heart tattoo on her neck.
Make up: The most she wears on a daily basis is blush
First impression of people: She doesn't usually judge others before she gets to know them.
Skin color: It's neither pale or tan it's more rose ish
Body type: She's pretty curvy but she likes to go to the gym a lot too yet she's pretty weak in terms of upper body strength (stronger below xD) with really big boobs.
Normal expression: A cheerful half smile or a confident somewhat teasing smirk
Posture: Normal
Piercings: Ears and navel
Voice description: She has a lovely soprano voice that's a teeny bit raspy and she tends to be loud, but, when she decides to tone everything down it's quite soothing and soft.
Weapon of choice: A little pocket knife.
Favorite type of person: Someone who knows how to have a good time
Least favorite type of person: Boring people who are afraid to be daredevils
Blood type: AB


Mother: Miranda Auralee von Blanc
Father: Adrien Keith von Blanc
Siblings: None
Children: Jasmine Honeysuckle[daughter] she's workin' on another one xD
Love(s) Past: None Current: Shadow Zane Zackery Wolfe{she's only been in one relationship and that's the one she's currently in xD}
Sociability: She works well with people due to her outgoing, carefree nature.
Pets: Taiga Loreal[kitten] [pft i just noticed she named her cat after a forest and makeup xD]

Reaction to a new person: Well she'll normally be her old bubbly, childish self, unless she completely dislikes you. If she does she'll be cold and irritable towards you.

Personality: Nikita has two sides of her personality. She can be a bubbly seemingly airheaded, optimist or she can be a fiery, confident, {at times} sarcastic girl. It all depends on her mood, and sometimes it depends on if she likes or dislikes you.

Favorite color: Green, blue, orange
Favorite food: Syrnyky
Favorite animal: Kittens
Favorite instrument: Drums...really any loud intstrument
Favorite element: Fire
Favorite subject(s): Art, History, Physical Education
Favorite drink: Kvas

Least favorite color: Black
Least favorite food: Doesn't really have one but hates when things are bland

Least favorite animal: Bees
Least favorite instrument: Soft things like the violin (unless it's an electric violin)
Least favorite element: Water
Least favorite subject(s): Science
Least favorite drink: flavored water

Hobbies: Singing, rolling in grass, staying up late then sleeping all day, being loud, etc.
Music genre: Prefers things like electro pop, synthpop, and folktronica
Movie genre: Actiony, suspenseful movies. as surprising as it is she doesn't like romance movies
Game genres: Fighting/Action-adventure
Sleep habits: She generally has a normal sleep pattern except when she doesn't have to go to work, she prefers to sleep all day and stay up all night. She also talks in her sleep when she's stressed.
Biggest secret: She enjoys teasing people with her body.
Greatest fear: Nazis xD
Comforts: Music, her friends/family, and Taiga
Special abilities: She displays a lot of cat like qualities when she's either nervous or excited. She also sings quite well.
Most like which Deadly sins: Lust and sloth
Most like which Heavenly virtues: Kindness and Temperance{that's patience right?}


Background: Nikita was born in Kiev, Ukraine and there she was raised until she turned 12, she then moved to Spain but her parents decided to move closer to her grandparents and they finally moved to Canterbury, England. Her family wasn't really anything special just simply an average middle class family of 3. Her father was always a little more over protective of her than he should've been but her mother kept everything from getting too out of hand. When Nikita turned 11 her parents realized she had a gift in singing and that she enjoyed it, so they got her a singing coach. By the time she was around 14 she had a few mini albums out there, but didn't reach her breakthrough 'til she was nearly the age she is now.

Known languages: English, Spanish/Italian, a little Japanese, French, and some German
Favorite subject: Art,
Interested careers: Professional singer AKA the one she has now, or a singing instructor
Chemistry: Doesn't understand it much
English: It's okay
Geography: Not really
Politics: She understands it but prefers to stay neutral
Cooking: It's one of her strong points
Sewing: She's pretty good at sewing
Mechanics: She has a lot of knowledge in the way machines work
Botany: Thinks it's a fun way to pass time
Mythology: Finds it intriguing
Drama: Loves it~
Reading level: She actually has quite a large vocabulary {not as much as Britannia but it ain't small}
Told'ja there'd be a lot...oh and uh her hair kinda killed my hand so if it doesn't look good tell me and i shall make it better.

Nikita (c) me
Shadow (c)
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