Fotian Vogell Picture

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Just a quick doodle of my fan troll, Fotian.
I'm sorry it's not a very good drawing, just wanted to get it out of the way. Better ones will come sooner or later.
Yeah, so, as I've said before, I still haven't gotten a new tablet. So, I've been drawing with either MS Paint or by pencil and paper. And I just figured I should scan some stuff. xD I'll scan more later.
Anyways, about Fotian...

Her name is Fotian Vogell.
Her first name, Fotian, comes from the Greek word, fo̱tiá, which means fire. Her last name, Vogell, comes from the German word, vogel, which means bird.
Her symbol actually comes from the first character in the word fo̱tiá, in the Greek spelling, φωτιά. And her horns are shaped like ( ) based on the second character in φωτιά.
She has purple blood, and since it didn't show up well on the scanner, that scarf she's wearing is the same color purple.
Her lusus is a bird which resembles a phoenix.
Her trolltag (chumhandle) is silentManiac (yes you can contact her and/or me on pesterchum/trollian on that handle xP) and that is derived from her personality (she's usually quiet and shy, but she can be creepy sometimes) as well as the story of Philomela and Procne from Greek mythology. Philomela had her tongue cut out, which is where the "silent" comes from, and, Procne ends up going insane, which is where the "Maniac" comes from. At the end of the story, they're turned into birds, which is why her lusus is a bird resembling the phoenix (often referred to as the "king of birds").
Fotian loves birds, singing, drawing, flying, and fire.
Her strife specibus is bladekind, and she normally uses a katana which has a feather from her lusus tied around the handle by a string.
Oh, and her lusus' name is Feniks. Russian for phoenix. Not the most creative thing I've done here but oh well. xDD
Fotian often lovingly calls her "Fen".
She's about 5"9 and weighs about 115lbs.
And yes, she has her lip pierced.
All of her quadrants are currently empty.

I hope that wasn't too much to read.. D:

Yeah I really worked hard on tying everything together when I made her, hope you all like her >w<

You can read the story of Philomela and Procne here - Procne.html">[link]
And read Homestuck here - [link]

Fotian Vogell (c) Me
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