Ageaus' style changes Picture

I had tons of characters half colored and designed, one of m older sketchbooks has legs and arms, floating around (and believe me they’re pitiful looking) but a character who was named Nathan and another named Sensert were hacked together in an English class one day, and became Ageaus.

His name’s Origins: Ageaus’s name came from a “corruption” of Aegean. Namely the Aegean sea between Greece and Turkey. In Greco-Roman mythology, Theseus’ father gave his name to the Aegean Sea after he leapt to his death into it (Thesus flew the wrong sail returning from Minos’ palace and his father presumed him dead). I liked the name, but didn’t like the myth associated with the figure and the subsequently named sea, so I tweaked it. What follows is a list of the most complete full body images (cropped of course) of Ageaus to show how he’s changed in the last six years.

The first three dates are as close to the real thing as I could find, but I didn't date pictures back then.

Ageaus is (c) to me.
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