Claire Picture

This is Claire, she's new, and she's (going to be) dating Gwen (!!!!!!!!) once I figure out exactly how I want their romantic relationship to start. Right now they're kind of bitchy rivals. If you want more information about her I wrote a few long text posts over on my OC blog riiight here… and here…

I know it's super weird that Gwen's dating a girl now, but after he and Sen broke up he was kind of lost. He's kind of codependant and needy by nature and when he was single AND missing his best friend he got really depressed. I thought about maybe finding him another guy, but for some reason nothing I thought of clicked until Claire, who, weirdly, seems like a very appropriate match. They're both neurotic and immature and spoiled and kind of crazy, and for some reason it works better than Gwen dating someone who was crazy about him to the point of worship (Torrent), or someone much more mature and stable (Sen).

Sorry my OC mythology is really really dense, I could type pages about this but I'll stop. Enjoy the pictures.

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