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A ghost desires only one thing: to live again. - Bret Easton Ellis.
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Having spent the last few months hunting and destroying rogue and feral ghost pokémon with little human interaction; Rosaline has returned to the island to ask for help with her own ghost problem. In the year that passed, Rosaline attempted to start her own business in removing angry ghosts and sinister spirits from houses and graveyards. The crucial word being: attempt. She is quite familiar with the spiritual resting places in many parts of the world.

Cynical, bitter and a background figure, Rosaline’s father worries she is becoming like the monsters she hunts. Rosaline’s true colours and ferocious nature comes out on the battle field, people have noted she pushes her pokémon too hard.
Rosaline is broke and will tolerate anyone’s company if there’s free food in it for her. Despite this, she’s not the most social of figures on the island and is a lot more comfortable around people she met last year. She is attempting to meet new people; the keepers are the ones who can handle her sarcasm, short remarks, or the ones who have ghost pokémon.

Between the first and second year of the Ohana Islands Battle Frontier, Rosaline was attacked by her own gengar who used destiny bond to preserve his own existence (in fear he would be destroyed/pushed over to the other side by her). She is still a huge ghost fan regardless, treating her gengar as an anomaly. She’s returned to the island to find help in removing the destiny bond whilst staying alive, however this isn’t open for everyone to know (let’s catch out the meta-players here!). Rumours say that her hair is full of ghost pokémon. She hopes it is.

Rosaline pretends to be a psychic, but fools people by using her Xatu to do all the work. Rosaline will lie, cheat and backstab to move forward through the contest. Also, someone get her a needle and thread so she can fix that jacket?

Rosaline joined the Valkyries because she liked the name and the mythological connotations.


Marty | Gengar | Male | Levitate | Serious
Savage and destructive. Marty is known to attack and drain the life force of humans and pokémon. He has also used destiny bond on Rosaline, who refuses to send him into battle unless she’s confident he’ll win or if there’s no other choice. She will deny accusations of releasing Marty into houses to cause trouble for her to pretend to remove him for money (but it’s true, she scammed folks. tut.)
Despite everything, Rosaline hopes that Marty will change; it’s this hope that caused her to hesitate in destroying her first pokémon/best friend before he used destiny bond. (Note, Marty won’t use destiny bond in battle since it’s already in use on Ros). Marty's form is very fluid as gengar are gaseous pokémon.

Iktoni | Chandelure | Female | Flashfire | Rash
Iktoni lives up to her trickster name. She takes great joy in dropping down from ceilings to spook unexpected victims. She does not team up well, but that does not mean she doesn't get along with the rest of the team. Iktoni is not allowed in Rosaline's hair, though she does try.
(Design idea by *twiggyla)

Ankou | Spiritomb | Male | Infiltrator | Relaxed
Ankou is a lazy creature who does not care for the rest of the team. He is mostly apathetic about everything except his own self preservation. He does not like Mokoi (though Mokoi likes him) and if he is hiding in Rosaline's hair, his rock rests inside her hood. Ankou is mostly along for the ride.

Rorsch | Ditto | ‘Male’ | Limber | Timid
It’s unclear whether Rosaline really tried to find his original owner or not, but Rorsch has stayed for the second year! Rorsch struggles (still) to hold the new form after transforming. Rorsch does not like it when Rosaline insults him, but he likes Mokoi. Rosaline refers to Rorsch as ‘he’.

Marla | Xatu | Female | Magic Bounce | Naïve
Given to Rosaline as a gift from Gracidea when they met in Hoenn at Mt. Pyre, Marla was a young, excited Natu. Now she’s a worn, weary and gloomy Xatu. Specialising in being bait for ghost pokémon and then fighting them off, Marla is a key member of Rosaline’s team and often challenges Sherlock for the title of leader. Marla is telepathically linked with Rosaline and as a result, Rosaline will pretend to be telepathic and telekinetic, when really, it is Marla doing the work. Marla is very active in battle rather than standing still (she’d like to train with some fighting pokémon). She suffers terrible headaches too.
Rosaline suspects Marla was given to her as a ‘spy’ from Grace rather than an act of kindness. Marla is one of Luna and Copernicus’ offspring.

Mokoi | Sableye | Female | Prankster | Jolly
Mokoi remembers the day when Rosaline brought her out of the cave where she’d grown up and hasn’t looked back since. Mokoi is lovely, she enjoys cuddles, treats and more cuddles. Mokoi enjoys making a nest in Rosaline’s hair when she sleeps. Mokoi is very trusting.

Ezra | Shuppet | Male | Insomnia | Sassy
Magic Coat, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Sneak, Pain Split
Ezra was drawn to Rosaline's negative energy and due to its seemingly never-ending source, stuck around. Ezra does not get along with any members of the team but Marla. Ezra lives in Rosaline's hair and his skill 'insomnia' keeps her up.
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