Golden Apple Picture



Not work I did in college and was to lazy/insecure to upload. Not an old figure drawing/sketch/study that I always thought was neat but had nothing to do with anything. Not something I just banged out in class. But legitimate, thought-out, relevant work.

This print took me FOREVER. It started as a tattoo design for a friend of mine (which is different and I'll upload it as soon as I have a thumbs up or down). I liked it, and so I decided to make it into a print.

The initial idea was to print the linoleum cut onto a rectangle of gold leaf which I had applied to heavy gray paper. I made over 50 of those things. But the leaf was too delicate and the ink was too sticky and so every time I tried to print it all that would happen is I would completely destroy the leaf, and the image wouldn't print.

So I bailed. I printed it on white BFK and hand colored each and every freakin' one with metallic gold ink and a dip pen.

Thank God this one is done.

And re: the title, think mythology: the judgement of Paris, Atalanta, etc...

Paper size: 6"x9"
Image size: 3"x4"

Edition of 18

On my etsy shop for $25. [link]
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