Orpheus Picture

So, this is an illustration of Orpheus' myth.

Orpheus is a figure from Greek mythology. He was known to be one of the chief poets and musicians of antiquity, and the inventor or perfector of the lyre. With his music and singing, he could charm wild beasts, coax the trees and rocks into dance and even divert the course of rivers.
He was married to Eurydice, and they deeply love each others. However, one day Eurydice while fleeing from Aristaeus (son of Apollo), she ran into a nest of snakes which bit her fatally on her legs. Distraught, Orpheus traveled to the underworld and by his music softened the hearts of Hades and Persephone who agreed to allow Eurydice to return with him to earth on one condition: he should walk in front of her and not look back until they both had reached the upper world. In his anxiety he forgot that both needed to be in the upper world, and he turned to look at her, and she vanished for the second time, but now forever.

Here, Orpheus, in the underworld, is bringing Eurydice back to earth.

It was made for Dianae's Contest, see here: [link]
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