The Iliad Comic - Cover page Picture

So, Mythology class, right? We did the Iliad. Exciting, since the story I already pretty much know. I saw Troy. >>

We had to do a little six-part miniproject based around the six parts told in class. The six parts were: The Judgement of Paris, The Stealing of Helen, The Quarrel, The Gods Take Sides, The Wrath of Achilles, and The Trojan Horse.

So I made 'em all into a lovely comic-book format. With stick figures!! =O

This is the cover page. It's an exciting preview of things to come! And the actual title is: The Iliad: A kind of abridged version. The subtitle I accidentally erased when I stamp-tool'd out my name in Photoshop. Ha-HAH!

I'm assuming that it counts as a fancomic. Since I didn't come up with it first. Just assuming.

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