Crane Hollow (Monster Girl Comic Story Idea) Picture

I finally have time to draw again! But one of my friends challenged me to draw something that weirdly peaked my interest and according to him is supposedly gonna help my story making skills:

"Pick a monster girl, make a new character and write up a story for her."

SO,here's what I got so far:

This girl's name is Crane Hollow and she lives in a small town called, "Ragna Rock". She's one of the protagonist's of the story, along with her nerdy, bully prone childhood friend (who'll probably be drawn later). Crane is tough, but she's what you'd call, "resourcefully lazy" so she's a fast thinker but is too lazy to show it unless she really has to. She's also very protective of her friends and isn't afraid to show she cares. Everyday she goes to a seemingly average high school, while studying martial arts and practicing swordplay. Crane has always been the skeptical type, not believing in the supernatural one bit. That is...... until she comes face to face with a certain mythological creature and becomes one herself!

Now she has to figure out how to turn back to normal, while fighting an unknown evil that threatens both humans and creatures alike.

Other notes: I didn't expect to have so much fun with this, so I think I'll draw more. If you can guess what monster she became, you get a cookie!
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