Fantasy Celtic Irish Art - CONANN OF THE FIANNA Picture

Conann of the Fianna. Conann is a warrior figure from Irish myth and legend. This is one of my more decorative works and I keep the original artwork over my own fireplace. It took much longer than my other representational artworks but it was worth the effort.

The Fianna were bands of young warriors, who, for various reasons were unable to fit comfortably into the patterns of tribal society. As members of the Fianna they were free of their normal tribal obligations and so devoted themselves to hunting and mercenary warfare.
Conann was the son of Morna, the slayer of Cumhaill, the father of Fionn, leader of the Fianna; on Fionn’s assumption of the leadership of the Fianna, Conann became one of his closest advisers and allies –while also becoming notorious as a great boaster and charmer. His wild warrior exploits became the stuff of huge admiration and sometimes gross hilarity.
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