Season 5 Bingo Picture

So before we start getting too many season five spoilers, I figured I'd get this out there. I intentionally avoided some of the more obvious things we expect to see, like what was revealed in the Comic-Con animatics, and for the most part went with less-likely options. The show has certainly surprised before, though, so there's always a chance for a bingo.

What do you think? Which would you like to see

Thanks to all of the artists who work so hard to make our fandom so enjoyable. They retain ownership on their works. Please give them a visit!

Discord Backstory: A Monkey's Uncle, by Celestiathegreatest
Derpy Addressed By Name Or Speaks: MLP Comic #1: Midtown Comics Variant, by Amy Mebberson
Spike Development: The Impossible Dream, by QTMarx
Scorpan: Sharing Kindness, an Easy Feat?, by Huussii
IDW Reference: Battle of Canterlot, by Dutchgirl626
Zecora Episode: 50 Speedpaints Portfolio, by KP-ShadowSquirrel
Tree of Harmony Origins: Into Harmony, by Assasinmonkey
Cadance & Shining Armor Episode Cadance and Shining Armor, by Alice Parkes
Rainbow Graduates: Graduation Day, by Zoarvek
Apple Bloom Dream Advice: Appointment With a Princess, by Baron Engel
Sisters Episode: Nurse Luna to the Rescue, byjohnjoseco
Dragons: Last Stand, by fedte
Horses Doing Horse Things: Applejack Rolling in Hay, artist unknown
Tiberius: Tiberius Want, by Otakuap
Griffon Episode: North Griffonia, by Equestria-Prevails
Trixie Saves the Day: A Wild Trixie Appears, by Harwick
Appleloosa: Live Long and Prosper, by Uotapo
Greek Mythology: My Little Chimera, by Isa-Isa-Chan
New Civilization: High Village, by Sirzi
Secondary Character Gets to be Badass: Legends of the Equestria, by Ziom05
Rarity Uses a New Spell: Eureka, by GSphere
Pegasus Parents: Untitled, by Megarexetera
Somepony Has a New Hobby: Nightmare Night MLP Poster with Luna!, by Andy Price
Shipteasing #1 (Cheerimac): Title Unknown, by Pasikon Derpibooru link
Shipteasing #2 (Lyrabon): Story of the Bench, by Devinian
Shipteasing #3 (Blossomlane): Forever, by Frostykat13
Shipteasing #4 (Fancyfleur): Fleur and Fancypants, by KP-ShadowSquirrel
Flutterbat Returns: Flutterbat, by Racookun
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