This thing has a bit of a story behind it.

I had devised my own take on the 2099 mythology in a sense. In the future, this Spidey was to have a mask programmed with the essence of Spider-Man and turns the wearer into a virtual copy of him with serious upgrades. Basically Spidey meets the love child of The Mask and Batman Beyond.

For quite a while, I had lived under the delusion that I had come up with this design. The last time I thought I saw something similar was on an action figure a while after I drew this up and then later some similarities with Alex Ross' movie design, leaving me to believe hey! I had something here! But, then I learned that action figure was actually taken from one of the alternate costume ideas for Ben Reilly's Spider-Man in Sensational Spider-Man #0 after having just recently re-seen the page. Guess I was subconsciously influenced by that design since I didn't even realize it until that moment.

So, what started out as me having fun in an offshoot of the Marvel universe has become fan art patterned after Dan Jurgens. Enjoy.
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