Narissa the Mermaid Picture

Narissa's my newest mermaid.

Her story:
Narissa lived in an underwater kingdom, naive to humans and the surface world. Her older sister was the keeper of the Jewel of Nautilus; its magical properties had the power to control the waters.

One day, Narissa's elder sister, and the jewel, go missing. Eventually, Narissa figures out that a certain pirate is responsible for her sister's disappearance and seeks to exact revenge on the man.

She eventually forms a pact with another pirate who has problems with the pirate responsible for her sister's disappearance.

I go off of PoTC: OST mythology for her, for the most part.

PS: I wasn't originally going to put that white stuff over her breasts and I was going to show nip, but I chose not to because they turned out ugly and I was too lazy to re-do them.

Narissa (c) Me

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