Hetalia: Angleterre Picture

"There is a common misconception that the name 'England' comes from 'Engla-land', which is translated to 'Land of the Angels'. This can be misconstrued to mean Angels as in Heavenly angels, although in reality it refers to a Germanic tribe from the Jutlandic district of Angeln."

I'm so proud of how those wings turned out. He almost looks like a renissance drawing or something equally as awesome.

So Arthur sometimes is the Britannia Angel[link] , seems he works mostly as a fairy godmother? I'm not sure but I used to be into Angel mythologies so I figured why not do my own version of the Britannia Angel.

I suck at drawing men, but I think I did okay on this, even has a *GASP* nipple, which is a small victory for me. The wings have 3 - 4 layers and at least 2 different types of feathers. Instead of a wand I just gave him sparkly powered hands, not sure that's much better
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