Chelone: Attendant of Aphrodite Picture

YES!! I am done with my paintings. I am so happy with how this came out. I looked up turtles/tortoises in Greek mythology and I found the tale of Chelone, which I found very interesting:

The Myth of Chelone
In Greek mythology, Chelone was a nymph or a mortal woman who was changed into a tortoise by the gods. She was invited by Hermes to attend Zeus' and Hera's wedding. When Hermes noticed that she alone didn't attend the wedding, he went to her, threw her house on top of her, and threw her into the river. He then transformed her into a turtle, for the rest of her days, she would carry her house wherever she goes.


I never heard of this myth, but there are other versions of the myth I researched. Here in the painting, she is an attendant to Venus, for she is a sea creature that is the symbol of fertility at the temple of Aphrodite.

I enjoy this painting very much! It took me a long time to figure out how the colors will work. I wanted to follow the color scheme that symbolized Aphrodite: any shade of light blue, red, pink, silver, sea-foam green, and light purples.

I hope you enjoys enjoy this as much as I have worked on this piece. I love mythology and I hope that is conveyed through the effort in the painting. :Heart:

Here is the black/white version here --->
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