Out for a Stroll Picture

Researching different cultures and mythologies has been a longstanding hobby of mine. It' s fascinating to learn the history behind the modern day world.
But for all the studying I've done, I must admit that I'm most drawn to the history from Japanese culture. With the history of the Samurai (often romanticized in film) and the way of the warrior- the Japanese culture is rooted in a history filled with respect and tradition.
Included within this history is the Geisha. The Geisha were women who served and entertained for various occasions. They were schooled in music, art, literature, and the Tea Ceremony- a popular (and sometimes sacred) tradition often used to settle an arrangement between business men. Schooling stated at quite a young age and went until a woman hit the age of maturity (usually around 15/16)
With there bright Kimonos and familiar face makeup; the Geisha is a figure that demands to be drawn. Poised and beautiful, the image of the Geisha conjures up tales of a lost tradition.
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