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Thanks to World Building June, I now have a buttload of Etea characters. More will be uploaded later, but for now the links are not operational.

This little group is my personal Etea characters that I torture use regularly in RP.

Keno and Neli are Kakei's parents. Jaith is Neli's old friend. Komao, Alet, Ili, and Ai are all Kakei's friends. Ili and Ai are roommates. Keno and Komao are deceased. Lalo is Joli's friend, Meko is Joli's ex. Sithil is an artificial intelligence on an old Etea ship. Tei has a giant lizard friend. Lei is a prostitute. Makina is underdeveloped as a character, sadly.

Alet is South Tiaidian
Keno and Meko are North Tiaidian
Ili and Ai are Sejionan
Neli, Komao, and Lei are Likaitian (Lei is a rare marking variety)
Kakei and Joli are half Likaitian, Kakei being half North Tiaidian and Joli being half Sejionan
Makina is Imran
Tei is Amelkian
Lalo is Omi Okoen
Jaith is Thesian, his name is the only one not written in Moala - his native language is Tasulai

Sithil does not have an ethnicity, though she looks most like an Ajian

Neli is technically a famous Etea, but she belongs in this group more than the "Famout Eteai" group.
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