TMNT 2k3/2k12: Stella Marie Ramirez Picture

EDIT: New backstory, new design (so much Natasha Romanoff inspiration and I regret nothing-), new weapon. Lots of new stuff here-

Stella Marie Ramirez
Age: 19 (Pictured, Varies)
Birthday: May 17th (Taurus)
Gender: Female
Species: Lizard (Was once human.)
Ethnicity: 75% Spanish, 25% Italian
Height: 5'6
Weight: 139 lbs
- Long jet Black hair (goes to about her butt when its fully down, goes to about her lower back when its tied up) Her hair is actually wavy but she straightens it every day to make it silky smooth.
- Dark Green eyes.
- Pale Grey Skin with a dark Grey underbelly, and with dark grey V-shaped stripes going down her back and tail.
- Face Type: Diamond face shape
, straight pointed nose, almond "cat" eyes.
- Body Type: Slim, lean hourglass.
- Style: Slylish Goth. She's all about the glitz, glamour, and style when it comes to clothing, and she also likes to have a small amount of sex-appeal in her look. She sometimes tends to mimic how some anime characters (or fictional characters in general) dress and is occasionally caught wearing things like sweatpants and tank tops that happen to be anime/superhero merchandise when she has a lazy day.
Voice Actress(es): Michelle Pfeiffer (Eris from Sinbad; Legend of the Seven Seas) Singing voices vary.

Parents: Anthony Ramirez and Cheyanne Detra - Ramirez
Siblings: Melany Corinne Ramirez
Guardian: Jay -- Raven
Love Interest: Raphael
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