Domovoi Picture

Under that name was conceived one small old man with a fur cloak, who lives behind or beneath the homes and take care of the house and livestock
Domovoj was a house spirit in the mythology of the Eastern Slavs.
Domovoj originated from the word home. He was a little divinity and the spirit of the house. It is often called the grandfather or the master of the house, Domovik, Koky, Starik, Khoromozitel.
In medieval Poland called them and Ubozi (story from the 15th century). The legend appears in the form of a small hairy old man, sometimes a tail and horns. He could take the figure of a cat, dog, cow, and rarely in snakes and frogs.
Concerned about the benefits of the house, especially the cattle which connects it with the god Veles. Often in the house could hear his voice that sounded like a sob, who was gentle and calming. Dangerous it was to see the him. Various signs heralding the adversity and death. His companion Domovika resides in the basement.
He is a trickster also,hiding small objects from the owner.
If some protector of the home has not paid particular attention, he leaves the house and cause illness or death of the host animal.
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