Code Lyoko: Norse Gods Picture

The cast of Code Lyoko dressed as Norse Gods.

Aelita is Frigg. Frigg was the goddess of motherhood, and her primary function in stories was as mother and wife. Married to Odin, she was the only other being allowed on Odin's great seat, from which one could look out upon the entire universe. Frigg also had the power of prophecy, although she kept her knowledge of the future hidden. Frigg's hair was likely not pink, but Aelita did actually comb her hair for the character!

Jeremie is Odin. Odin was the 'greatest among equals' as far as the Norse gods were concerned. Known as 'The Wanderer', stories with Odin usually involve knowledge. Odin traveled far and wide, meeting giants, sorceresses, and other less-than-friendly figures in his effort to discover what Ragnarok, the end of the world, would entail, and what he could do to prevent it from destroying everything. Jeremie's squinting because Odin gave his eye for one piece of exceptionally juicy information about Ragnarok. Odin had ravens which he used to gather information as well, but Jeremie isn't sure he trusts his.

Odd is Loki. Loki is the trickster figure of Norse mythology. Loki is not a god, but a giant, the enemies of the Norse gods. Loki is a foster-brother of Odin, and he lives with the gods in their realm. Loki's loyalty to the gods is questionable, and stories with Loki often have him using his tricks and sharp tongue to hamper the gods, then making things right when threatened, usually by Thor. One such story is when Loki allowed the giants to steal Idunn's apples, which allowed the gods to live eternally. Loki then retrieves the apples when the angry gods ordered him to. I can't say Loki ever wore such a...colorful outfit, but Odd apparently figured he looked more like a court jester than anything else!

Ulrich is Thor. Thor was the god of thunder, and was easily the most formidable warrior of the gods. He wielded the great war hammer Mjolnir (which is too heavy for Ulrich), a hammer that when thrown always struck true and always returned to him, like a boomerang. Thor stories almost always involved either a test of strength (compare to Odin) or a battle between Thor and the giants, which whom he constantly quarreled. Thor was probably the most popular god, worshipped by the most families (each family worshipped all the gods, but one in particular). A strike from Thor's hammer was said to be the cause of thunderclaps.

Yumi is Freyja. Freyja belonged to a different family of gods than Odin, Thor and Frigg. Freyja was the goddess of war and was also the goddess of fertility. Her status as both lover and warrior made her an extremely popular goddess. Freyja was the most desirable goddess, and many stories with her involve attempts at courting her. She had a cloak of feathers that allowed her to transform into a bird for travel. Freyja's role in war was to take in those who died in battle but were not taken by Odin (who took the best deceased warriors to train in the afterlife for Ragnarok). These dead were ushered to her hall by the valkryies, the warrior women, which is where Freyja gets her association as the 'battle goddess', although she was not so in the original mythology. Try telling that to Yumi, who decided she liked the weapon wielding version of Freyja better!

This took a long time to complete, and I apologize for the lesson on Norse Gods! Hopefully you don't find the 'characters dressed as something else' thing too tiresome.
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