Magicatalia: Elizabeta Ref Picture

So I did the lines for these up through Seychelles', so expect a wave of references as I work my way through the heap of things I need to color.

Okay, notes:
In the au, Elizabeta is around 16-17 and a second year in high school, just like Alice. She grew up a tomboy, living with a single father and often getting in fights with boys her age. As she grew older, she became more ladylike and calm, as she was needed to look after some younger family friends (and ended up engaged to a boy through an arranged marriage for a while). Frightened by her complacency, she wished to remain strong. However, since making this wish she has been able to reconcile that she can be both feminine and gentle and strong and able to fight for herself. Due to this, she has begun to regret her wish a bit.
Her witch form's name is Emese, mother of Álmos, a legendary figure in Hungarian mythology. The design is based off of a Vadleány, or "Forest girl", a forest sprite that took the form of a naked girl with hair that reaches the ground. They would seduce shepherds and could be caught with a single boot as they would try to stick both their feet into it.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica belongs to Shaft, Hetalia and the character belongs to Himaruya, and the art is my own.
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